Sunday, June 29 2003 - 8 new CELEBS! w00t!

I fianlly got off my lazy ass and moved the site. This is just a temp location (and layout, ick this is so fugly)

untill I can get incontact with my host and I can move thesite to it's permanent location. I got a handful of new

celebs, and I'm redoing some of the older ones so that's something to get exited about.I've also noticed that

I've had this site up for a year! Everybody.... PIZZ-AR-TAY!

From Your Favoritest Webmaster of Stupid Sim Freshness,

Peter - sucaroap[at] (don't you DARE add me on MSN...I'm not kidding)


My Affliates, The Cooler than MC Hammer.